True Paranormal Orb Photographs

On a recent investigation Night Shade Paranormal Research Society captured a photo of a genuine paranormal orb at the Thompson House. The Thompson House is a bar and concert venue, across from Newport on the Levee, in Newport Kentucky.  This location is known to have a high level of paranormal activity.  The investigation took place on February 9, 2014 between Noon and five PM.

The majority of orbs that appear in photos taken at known paranormally active locations are usually out of focus particles of dust floating near the camera lens and being illuminated by the flash or other light source.  The particles may appear somewhat differently depending on the composition of the dust. To illustrate this fact, the following two pictures were taken under controlled conditions demonstrating an example of dust orbs.  The first photo is the room devoid of dust orbs except one that appears to be near the top of the lampshade by the far wall. The coat tree is placed in the picture as a distance reference. It is about two and a half feet away from the camera lens.

Image 1 Dust orb experiment


Immediately after taking the first picture, shown above, we shook a dusty rag about two feet in front of the camera, waited a few seconds for the disturb air to settle then snapped the following picture.

         Image 2 Dust orb experiment


The room now appears to be filled with orbs. It is a natural tendency to assume that the larger orbs are the closest to the camera, which in deed they are.  However, the dust particles appearing as different sizes of orbs are in reality only a few inches from the camera lens. Look closely at the photo above, none of the orbs are obscured by the coat tree or any other object in the room.  Even the very small orbs are between the coat tree and the camera.

Dust orbs can be very problematic when conducting a paranormal investigation.  To truly validate an orb as being paranormal, there must be some gauge of distance and/or some outstanding characteristic not usually seen in a dust orb. This gauge of distance is provided in the following photos taken at the Thompson House.

Events leading up to and just prior to when the following photographs were taken are as follows:

Marcia Treadway, Lead Investigator for Night Shade Paranormal Research Society and Jennifer (a friend and team member who is also a sensitive) were alone on the second floor near the stairway to the third floor.  They both heard a noise above them on the third floor.  The noise occurred again and both of them went to the third floor to investigate, but the host of the investigation had locked the gate to the large room that was used as the servant’s quarters.  Jennifer started back down the stairs with her dowsing rods in hand with the intention of doing a session on the second floor. Marcia noticed that Jennifer looked as though she “felt” something and stopped on the third floor landing and began taking the sequence of photos that are shown below.

The following picture (Image1) was taken from the third floor landing.  Notice the orb appearing in the doorway of the second floor landing.  In this picture we have no reference of distance for this orb. At this point, it could be a paranormal orb or it could be a dust orb.

 Image 1


In the following picture we zoom in to get a closer look.  Notice that the orb does not have a darker nucleus like the usual dust orb.  Instead it has mottled shading on its surface.

 Image 1 zoom


In the following picture we increased the contrast to enhance the details of the orb.  Notice the mottled shading of the surface and a brighter halo on the periphery.  However, we still have no gauge of distance between the orb and the camera.

 Image 1 zoom & increased contrast


In the following picture we now know the distance of the orb from the camera.  The orb is now partially obscured by the header of the third floor.  This provides strong evidence that this orb is of paranormal origin.  It is important to note that the two pictures (Images 1 & 2) were taken just seconds apart.

 Image 2


In the following picture we zoom in to get a closer look.  Notice that the orb still retains the same characteristics as in the first image.  There is also another orb that appears to be further down the hallway.

 Image 2 zoom


In the following picture we increase the contrast to enhance the details of the orb.  Notice it still has mottled shading of the surface and a brighter halo on the periphery.  We cannot say for sure that the smaller orb is of paranormal origin, but it does seem to have the halo characteristic similar to the larger orb.

 Image 2 zoom & increased contrast


In the following picture (Image 3) we see that the orb is beginning to fade.  The smaller orb that appeared in the lower left of the picture appears to be a dust orb.

 Image 3


From the photographic evidence presented above we can safely conclude that the orb captured in the photos is most likely of paranormal origin.  It is safe to assume that the orb is not self illuminating at a wave length visible to the human eye, and its composition is either a substance or some type of energy field that partially reflects the light from the cameras flash.  The light fixture with the blue bulb hanging below the header is approximately 5 inches in diameter.  Comparing the size of the orb to the light fixture the orb appears to be at least five inches in diameter.

Congratulations to Night Shade Paranormal Research Society for capturing and documenting a true paranormal orb. To see more photos of the Thompson House investigation, click on the following link:

To see other investigations of Shade Paranormal Research Society click the following link:


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Science of Divining or Dowsing

This article is an update of an earlier article titled Dowsing Rods.  The art of divining or dowsing has been around centuries.  Dowsing is commonly used to locate under ground water sources, buried metals or ores, gemstones, oil, gravesites, petroleum deposits, other objects and materials, and Ley lines, without the use of scientific or electronic equipment.  There is no accepted scientific rationale behind dowsing, and there is no measurable scientific evidence that it is effective.  There is a reason for this.  No scientific apparatus today is capable of measuring the energy fields associated with dowsing.

Dowsing rods have been around for centuries in one form or another.  Let us review a little history about dowsing rods. In the past the most common dowsing rod was a Y-shaped branch from a tree or bush. Dowsers often prefer branches from particular trees, and some preferred that the branches to be freshly cut. In the United States the branches from witch-hazel, willow, or peach trees are commonly chosen. The two ends on the forked side of the Y-shaped branch are held one in each hand with the stem of the “Y” pointing straight ahead. The branches are usually grasped palms down. The dowser then walks slowly over an area where he suspects the underground minerals or water may be, and the dowsing rod supposedly dips, inclines downward or twitches when it is over the target.

A fellow paranormal investigator once mentioned to me that the most sensitive paranormal activity detector is the human body.  He was absolutely correct.  As we all know our physical body is firmly planted in our physical realm.  However, our soul, all though being intertwined into our physical body, still maintains a connection to the spirit realm.  For most individuals the awareness of this connection is very subtle, but for someone with heightened psychic abilities this connection is much stronger.  It is suggested that there is a universal life force (psychic energy) running within and between all things living and nonliving in the universe.  There is no known scientific basis for this assertion.  However, there is an actual form of energy that permeates everything in the universe and is the basis of all aspects of quantum physics.  It is called vacuum energy.  Vacuum energy is a fundamental background energy that exists in space throughout the entire Universe. Vacuum energy is also present within the space between the nucleus and the orbiting electrons of all atoms and sub-atomic particles, and therefore within every living thing including us. In quantum physics the vacuum energy as electromagnetic quantum fluctuations is an accepted mainstream concept and is the basis for every natural science including physics, chemistry, biology, and cosmology.  No Known evidence shows that psychic energy and vacuum energy are related, but the point is, these energy fields are present everywhere and in every molecule, atom, proton, neutron, electron, subatomic particles, and the vacuum of space.  The spirit realm I believe exists within these fields.  Therefore your soul is essentially connected to everything in the universe.  Every substance has a unique energy field based on its chemical composition.  This energy field cannot be detected by any ordinary scientific means, but it can be sensed by soul.  OK, so what does all this have to do with dowsing and dowsing rods?

The modern-day dowsing rod its self is nothing more than a very sensitive indicator of subconscious muscle movement.  It is the soul part of yourself that is sensing what you are trying to detect.  For example, let us assume you are dowsing for a substantial underground water reservoir.  The underground water is radiating energy up through the earth relative to amount of water and it expanse.  As you begin dowsing, you consciously zero the rods (both rods pointing away from you and parallel to each other and to the ground) and begin walking the area while you imagine or visualize this under ground reservoir of water.  As you approach the area over the water, your soul begins sensing the waters energy field and subconscious muscle movement will begin to rotate the top of your hands toward each other causing the rods to begin crossing.  Maximum deflection of the rods should occur directly above of highest concentration of water.  Most individuals could be successful at dowsing for water, since this is a hardwired survival instinct in humans and animals that depend on water for survival.  When dowsing for things other than water such as valuable minerals, gold, silver, or oil, there is a school of thought that you must sensitize the dowsing rods to the material you are searching for.  In actuality you are sensitizing you psychic senses to the material you wish to locate. As stated above, modern-day dowsing rods are nothing more than a very sensitive indicator of subconscious muscle movement.  It is the psychic part of yourself that is sensing what you are trying to detect.  This premise gains support from the following experiment.

A good friend and fellow paranormal investigator performed the following experiment during an investigation at a sight know to have paranormal activity.  They were using the dowsing rods as an indicator for yes/no responses from entities present in the room.  They used two sets of dowsing rods, one set held by an investigator and another set mounted in a holder and positioned so they could move easily.  During the course of the questioning, only the dowsing rods held by the investigator exhibited movement.  Even when the investigators asked the entities to move the dowsing rods not held the investigator, there was no movement detected.  This experiment provides some fairly conclusive evidence that dowsing rods are merely a sensitive indicator of subconscious muscle movement initiated by spiritual entities, or in the case of dowsing, the subtle energy radiated by water and other substances.

In closing, dowsing rods should be constructed of a nonmagnetic material such as copper or brass rod.  This eliminates any false indications from distortions in the Earths magnetic field.  For maximum sensitivity, the bend in the rods should be at an angle of 90 degrees and the pointer and handle sections must be perfectly straight.  They must be able to rotate freely in your hands.  Dowsing rods can be an effective paranormal investigating tool or for finding what ever you are looking for buried in the ground.


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Science of Psychometry

Psychometry is defined as the ability or art of discovering information about the history, events, or emotions of people connected with an object by simply touching it. Information obtained by the psychometric reading of an object may be mental images, sounds, or some combination of all the senses. The follow is a typical example of how to perform Psychometry from Julie Soskin’s book How Psychic Are You:

 When performing a psychometric reading of an object for a person you should hold their item lightly in your hands close your eyes and direct your awareness onto the object.  Visualize yourself linking your thoughts with the object. Then relax and allow impressions to come into your mind.  Note exactly what you perceive whether it is an image, sensation, thought, any kind of impression. Discount nothing.  Tell the owner of the object exactly what you see, without omitting anything and without judgment.  During a psychometry reading the most immediate perceptions will be images of what the objects owner has been thinking feeling and doing over the past 24 – 48 hours.  Strongly-held thoughts and feelings or emotionally charge events can persist in an object for years.

Unlike some of the psychic arts, with Psychometry we have a tangible object that is subject to the laws of physics and we also have an owner that is aware of the history of the object and can verify the content of the reading.  This combination makes the possibility of scientific analysis much easier and much more credible.  However, the question still remains, is there some science that can explain the art of Psychometry?  As we attempt to answer this question we will use simple logic and a line of reasoning called Occam’s razor: The simplest explanation is usually the right one.  We are going to put fourth a few theories that may provide a plausible explanation of how Psychometry works.

From a practical standpoint, in order for Psychometry to actually work, an object must be able to store information.  This stored information must also be transmitted or transferred by some form of energy that can be perceived by the psychic medium performing a reading.  It is thought that this information is transferred by a type of energy generally referred to a psychic energy.  This Psychic energy is some times envisioned as a universal life force or consciousness running within and between all things in the universe.  Is there anything in the realm of science that could possibly be related to this so-called life force or psychic energy?  It so happens that there is.  It is called vacuum energy.  Vacuum energy is a fundamental background energy that exists in space throughout the entire Universe. Vacuum energy is also present within the space between the nucleus and the orbiting electrons of all atoms and sub-atomic particles, and therefore within every living thing including us. In quantum physics the vacuum energy as electromagnetic quantum fluctuations is an accepted mainstream concept and is the basis for every natural science including physics, chemistry, biology, and cosmology.

It is quite possible that psychic energy may be one of many undetectable properties of vacuum energy.  In the case of Psychometry, where is the psychic information or energy recorded and stored?  Evidence suggests that vacuum energy seems to have an interesting memory field property that functions much like a quantum holographic memory.  This quantum hologram property seems to have the ability to record the history of everything from the action of sub-atomic particles to our every thought and action.  On a grand scale it is possible that the history of every event that has occurred since the birth of the universe could be stored in the quantum hologram field.  On a lesser scale, every event in our past and/or present life may also be recorded in the quantum hologram field.

There is some historical evidence suggesting the existence of the quantum hologram memory property of the vacuum energy field.  In Ancient civilizations the Judeo-Christian religion called it “The Book of Life”, the Egyptians called it the “Hall of Two Truths,” and the Theosophists called it the Akashic Record.  Akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning sky, space or aether; in metaphysics aether is defined as the material that fills the region of the universe above the terrestrial sphere.  In early physics it was considered to be the medium through which light propagates.  The Akashic Record is described as containing all knowledge of human experience and all experiences as well as the history of the cosmos encoded or written in the very aether or fabric of all existence.  This aether or fabric of all existence appears have properties remarkably similar to the vacuum energy and psychic energy.  For now we will assume the quantum hologram memory that resides in the vacuum energy field is also entangled within every atom in every substance.  In other words everything around us has the ability to absorb and record the psychic energy.  When an object records or stores psychic energy from a person; it presumably adds a record of the event to the quantum hologram field of the object.  The remarkable property of this quantum hologram field is that, like a 2D photographic hologram, all of the recorded information is distributed uniformly throughout the object.  In other words, if the object was cut into multiple pieces, each individual piece will still contains the whole record albeit at a lower resolution.

It is extremely difficult to prove scientifically that psychic abilities exist because there is no scientific equipment available now or in the foreseeable future capable of detecting psychic energy.  So how does a psychic medium retrieve information stored in an object?  The spiritual body—our soul—can naturally sense the psychic energy recorded in quantum hologram entangled within an object and has the ability to perceive and understand the information it contains.  The average person relies on their physical senses such as sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch to navigate their way through our physical life.  Our soul also has parallel senses that to a medium would manifest as Clairvoyance (psychic sense of sight), Clairaudience (psychic hearing), Clairgustance (psychic sense of taste), Clairlalience (psychic sense of smell) and Clairsentience (psychic sense of touch).  There is also a sixth psychic sense of Claircognizance which is the capability to just simply know things, without any scientific or logical explanation.  This sense may be connected to the quantum hologram (cosmic consciousness) of free space and the information it contains.  It appears that our brain and our entire nervous system functions as the interface between our physical body and our soul where our soul is entwined within every atom and molecule of our nervous system, essentially our whole body.  In individuals with natural psychic abilities, this interface is developed or hardwired to a point where it can easily understand and perceive the recorded information contained in the quantum hologram field of objects, other people, other disembodied souls and the cosmic consciousness in a way that their conscious mind can interpret and understand.

Is there any other science that may support psychic energy and/or the cosmic consciousness?  In the late 1990s it was discovered that the universe is expanding at an accelerating rate.  A form of energy called dark energy (meaning undetectable energy) that permeates all of space is believed to be causing this accelerated expansion.  It is thought that vacuum energy is a major component of this dark energy.  How prevalent is this dark energy? Based on the standard model of cosmology, the total mass–energy of the universe contains 4.9% ordinary matter, which is us and everything else we can observe around us, 26.8% dark matter and 68.3% dark energy that we cannot detect or see with our physical senses.  However, with our psychic senses this dark energy and dark matter may not be so invisible and undetectable.  This realm of invisible energy and matter may be the natural habitat of our soul and spirit as well as other realms and beings we can only imagine.


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Unexpected Flashlight Evidence

This video evidence was contributed by NightShade Paranormal Research Society. The following video is of investigators conducting a standard flashlight question and answer session. The session was progressing normally or paranormally when one flashlight begins rolling across the table, eventually forcing the two remaining flashlights to roll across the table as well.

Initially the investigators thought the table had been bumped causing the flashlight to begin rolling. However, a close analysis of the video indicates that the table was not bumped or tilted. The camera recording the action was perfectly stable and indicated no jarring of the table. If the table had been bumped, all three flashlights would have moved simultaneously. Also, taking into account the laws of physics, when the first rolling flashlight contacted the second flashlight it would have stopped or slowed considerably, and the second flashlight having absorbed the kinetic energy of the first flashlight, would have began rolling. If you watch the video closely, the first flashlight appears to be accelerating as it rolls and slams into the other flashlights sweeping them across the table. This movement of the flashlights defies the laws of physics and strongly suggests paranormal forces (Psychokinesis) were at work here.

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GFI Catches Real Ghosts and Shadows

This was our second visit to Poasttown. We returned because we felt we had unfinished business at this haunted location. We will release a full video in the future but these are the things that everyone in the entire world should see.

The first capture the shadow creature appears to come out of the wall on the right by the doorway. It moves to the left only to notice us, stops, backs up, and watches us before moving to the left and disappearing. This was not seen by any investigator.

The second shadow (maybe the best paranormal footage ever caught) crawls out of the classroom to look at us before crawling around back into the classroom. What makes this a great catch is that as soon as we turn our flashlight off he comes out immediately. Watch closely. You can clearly see a head, torso, and arm! Please leave comments and opinions and thanks for watching!! GFI Ghost Finders of Indiana

PAR Note:
The apparitions can best be seen by when watching the clips in full screen mode; great investigating GHI.


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Psychic Senses and Seeing Ghosts

On a recent impromptu investigation of an old home that was built in the early 1860s, and rumored to be haunted, I captured an excellent photo of an apparition.  The room lighting was normal ambient daytime and the camera was a Sony DSC-W55 with flash disabled.  Seconds before I took the photo, shown below, I was looking directly at the door and saw only the panes of glass with the dark foyer beyond; nothing out of the ordinary.  However, upon later analysis of the photo, there seems to be an apparition in the foyer behind the glass pane in the left side of the door.  The apparition appears to be a female in possibly Victorian era dress patiently waiting for someone to admit her to the house.  Without further investigation I would categorize this apparition as a residual manifestation.  Please note that the photo shown below has been enlarged and cropped for better detail and to protect the identity and location of the home.

A few minutes after the photo was taken, my fellow investigator and I peered through the windows and saw nothing but darkness in the small foyer.  After this incident I began attempting to develop a scientific explanation for why we could not see the apparition with our eyes, but the camera captured it perfectly.  In one of the upstairs bedrooms we also captured an EVP that sounded like a whispered “…don’t go…” with a Sony ICD-BX100 digital voice recorder.

EVP “…Don’t go…”

The following discussion attempts to develop a theory that may shed some light on why most of us cannot see or hear ghosts while video, still cameras, and voice recorders seem to have no difficulty capturing ghostly images and voices.  Why is it that some people can see and hear ghosts while the majority of us cannot?  It is all about our psychic senses.  The following is a brief description of the seven psychic senses:

  1. Clairvoyance (Clear seeing) is the ability to see anything that is not physically present in objective space, such as objects, animals or people. This sight may occur in the mind’s eye or you may see the bodily form as if the spirit is physically present.
  2. Clairaudience (Clear Hearing) is usually defined as the ability to hear the voices or thoughts of spirits.
  3. Clairsentience (Clear Sensing) is the ability to have an impression of what a spirit wants to communicate, or to feel sensations instilled by a spirit.
  4. Clairsentinence (Clear Feeling) is a condition in which the medium takes on the ailments of a spirit, feeling the same physical problem which the spirit person had before death.
  5. Clairalience (Clear Smelling) is the ability to smell a spirit. For example, a medium may smell the pipe tobacco of a person who smoked during life.
  6. Clairgustance (Clear Tasting) is the ability to receive taste impressions from a spirit.
  7. Claircognizance (Clear Knowing) is the ability to know something without receiving it through normal or psychic senses. It is a feeling of just knowing.  For example, you may know who is on the phone before you answer it or know personal things about a person you just met.  You may have good or bad feeling about a place or a person.

The following discussion of psychic abilities will be limited to the psychic senses of Clairvoyance and Clairaudience, since these can be most easily supported with photo, video, and recorded sound evidence.

Is there anything mystical or supernatural about these psychic senses?  Or are they just natural extensions of our normal physical senses of sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste that allow us to perceive outside stimuli from our environment.  The psychic senses allow some of us to perceive a paranormal environment, that evidence suggests, seems to coexist within and/or parallel to our normal environment.  There is a strong probability that we all have, to some degree, these psychic senses.  There is also relatively strong evidence that we all may be born with them, since many young children seem to perceive and actually communicate with ghosts; or what many people think are imaginary friends.

A study titled Children Who See and Hear Ghosts published at produced some interesting findings.  In summary, the study included children ranging in age from newborn to 11 years old.  In the majority of the cases studied, the presented evidence suggests that children are seeing full body apparitions in human form. Typically the family will begin noticing this interaction about the time the child begins learning to walk and speak. Study findings also suggest that that in most cases these children seem to be perceiving and communicating with deceased loved ones.

At around age five this ability begins to diminish in most children for several possible reasons.  Many children are discouraged from talking of such things by family members, telling them that it is only in their imagination.  Even without discouragement, as a child’s brain continues to develop it appears that the ability to see and/or hear ghosts naturally disappears anywhere between the ages of five to eleven years old.  However in some instances, children keep their ability to communicate with ghosts, and continue expanding their abilities as they grow into adults.

The study it self did not present any information as to the origin of psychic senses, evidence seems to suggest that the human brain may be the  source of the psychic senses as well as our physical senses.  In support of this evidence, there are cases where individuals with little or no apparent psychic ability have experienced an increase in their psychic senses through accidental brain trauma or a near death experience.  The evidence here would suggest that whether or not we have psychic abilities may be dependent upon the hardwiring (neural connections) and/or the memory programming within our brains.  Trauma to the head or a near death experience has the potential to disrupt the original connections and/or cause new ones to be created.

There is a difference between seeing and perceiving.  For example, there are many instances where our eyes see an image, our brain processes the image, yet we visualize or perceive something quite different.  A good demonstration is the image of the circle of pink dots below.  If your eyes follow the rotational movement of the empty space, the dots will remain only one color, pink.  However, if you concentrate and focus your attention on only the black + in the center, the rotating space transforms into a green dot moving around the circle.  After a short period of time, all the pink dots will vanish, and you will only see the single green dot moving around the circle.

Your eyes are still seeing and your brain is registering the image as a circle of pink dots.  However, you perceive that the pink dots have vanished leaving only a single green dot moving around the circle.

Most of you are all certainly aware of what a hallucination is. A hallucination is defined as perception in a conscious and awake state in the absence of external stimuli which have qualities of real perception, in that they are vivid, substantial, and located in external objective space.  There is also a negative hallucination defined as the inability to perceive in a conscious and awake state a person, object, or possibly a ghost in external objective space.  Many skeptics would say that you are hallucinating if you say you are seeing a ghost.  However, could just the opposite be true?  Ghosts can be photographed, their energy fields detected with electronic devices, their voices recorded, their present felt by touching and/or cold chills, and by unexplained cold spots and/or noises within a room; whereas a genuine hallucination cannot be detect by any means, it exist only in your mind.

Most of us at one time or another has experienced a negative hallucination.  For example, when we have been looking for something so intently that it can be right within our sight, yet we do not see it.  A negative hallucination can also be induced in a person through hypnosis.  An example is if you had a particular chair in the middle of a room and while under hypnosis you were told that you could not see that chair anymore, and then were told to sit down.  You would be looking all around the room for another chair to sit in, not perceiving the one that was in the middle of the room.  However, in looking for another chair, you would not trip or fall over the one that was essentially made invisible.  It is important to understand, that in order for you not to perceive an object that is actually present, your eyes must see and your mind must first register what not to see.  Therefore, you would walk around the chair, look over it, look under it, and maybe even look through it, but you would walk around it while searching the room.  Could it be possible that many of us are looking over, looking through, and walking around the ghost in the room that we cannot perceive?

It is important to recognize that hypnosis is nothing more than communication with subconscious mind through suggestion.   Referring back to the young child that is told repeatedly that the people they are seeing is only there imagination.  With this discouragement or suggestion being repeated may times, it may have the same effect as the hypnosis induced negative hallucination describe above, but with a long lasting effect that continues into adulthood.  In other words it is possible that our eyes are seeing the ghost, the brain is registering its location in objective space, but due to the effect of the ingrained negative hallucination we are unable to perceive the image of the ghost.

Many people involved with the paranormal speculate that there is some sort of invisible veil or barrier that prevents the living from seeing those who have passed into the afterlife.  Could it be possible that this mysterious veil actually exists within our own minds?  Is it possible to reactivate our psychic senses?  If the inability to use our psychic senses is actually a hardwired or ingrained negative hallucination effect within our brains, is it possible to prove the theory presented above by minimizing or controlling the negative hallucination effect with some form of self-hypnosis?

Of course we must be aware that the ghosts, no doubt, have some level of control over whether or not they actually want to be observed by the living.  If they do not want to be seen, chances are nobody will see them.  However, if a ghost really wants to make an appearance it is possible that everyone will see them. For example, there have always been claims where a group of people touring a known haunted location have all perceived a ghost.  Usually the apparition appears only briefly and then vanishes. Of course on average, not all the members of the group would be psychic mediums and yet they all see the ghost.  Perhaps if a ghost can manifest their self to such a degree that they actually appear as a living being, it is possible that the negative hallucination effect in our brain could momentarily be circumvented, but reestablishes its self quickly causing the ghost to vanish.  Another possibility is that the ghost, realizing he or she is being observed, decides to vanish.  Whether or not a ghost can manifest its self may also be dependent upon energy field fluctuations and/or available energy within our normal space, as well as in the ghost’s paranormal space.

The credible evidence of the existence of ghost being gathered by many paranormal investigation organizations suggests that these entities seem to inhabit some paranormal environment that coexist within and/or parallel to our normal environment.  Many of the mainstream religions of today would have a problem with these findings, since they preach of only two destinations for the dearly departed–Heaven or Hell.  They therefore have no room for any possibility that humans in spirit form can exist on Earth.  Without delving too far into the aspects of religious beliefs, suffice to say that there are some religions that actually do consider the possibility of an alternate destination for the soul.

This idea has roots in ancient Christian literature.  The notion of purgatory (a process of purification or temporary punishment) is associated particularly with the Latin Rite of the Catholic Church; Anglicans of the Anglo-Catholic tradition generally also hold to the belief. John Wesley, the founder of Methodism, believed in an intermediate state between death and the final judgment.  A similar belief in at least the possibility of spirits on Earth is held by Mormonism (LDS Church).  This possibility is outlined in relatively plain language in the LDS Church manual Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Brigham Young Chapter 38: The Spirit World.  Much of what is contained in Chapter 38 seems to provide some religious validation for much of the evidence collected by paranormal investigation teams and also our ability to see spirits.  The following paraphrased passage speaks of our potential ability to see spirits:

“Can you see spirits in this room? No. Suppose the Lord should touch your eyes that you might see, could you then see the spirits? Yes, as plainly as you now see bodies…  you could see the spirits that have departed from this world, as plainly as you now see bodies with your natural eyes.”

It should be noted that the passage above was authored in the mid 1800s.  At that time people assumed that eye sight and perception were one in the same.  They also assumed that you could only see spirits with some divine intervention that would some how change your eyes allowing you to see spirits.  Obviously we know today this is not the case.  The human brain is probably the ultimate controller of what we perceive.

If you plan on pursuing self-hypnosis or some other means of developing your psychic senses, you must be aware that spiritual entities can sense when you have heightened psychic abilities and may seek you out for any number of reasons.  If they died violently or unexpectedly, they may be confused about there new state of being, and are seeking help from the living.  It is not at all unusual to capture an EVP where a spirit says “Help me”.  You must be aware that there is also a dark side to having heightened psychic senses.  At the top of the Paranormal Activity Research blog there is a tag line “Life is what you make of it. Evidently, so is the afterlife.”  Evidence from paranormal investigations suggests that the behavior of people when they were alive is often times the behavior they exhibit in the afterlife.  If a person was evil when they died, there spirit tends to continue their evil ways in the afterlife. They may even align them selves with other evil entities that have never walked this earth as humans in order to cause chaos and harm to the living.  On a lighter note, if a person was kind, mischievous, or a jokester when they were alive, they tend to be the same in the afterlife.

Evidently ghosts have a lot to say, and are willing to communicate with us—if only we could hear them. With more high tech ghost hunting equipment available, paranormal investigators have a variety of tools to continue to learn more and more about the spirits in the afterlife.  It is important, that we as paranormal investigators and human beings remember that our spirit is connected to both the physical world and the spirit realm.  However, with the demands of daily life our own spiritual reality and psychic abilities are buried so deeply within us it is all but forgotten.  It is possible to reconnect with your spiritual self and regain your psychic abilities through meditation and/or self-hypnosis techniques, giving you more insight into the true nature of your being.  It definitely may be worthwhile to at least give it try.


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Irma the haunted doll

I live in Nottinghamshire in England, I have a colleague who lives in Glasgow in Scotland, we both do evp research, although I have only been recording for the last 18 months, my colleague has worked in paranormal research for the last 30 years. We recently bought an alleged ‘haunted’ doll from America. The lady who sold us the doll informed us that it was called ‘Irma’ and was made  in Germany in the 1800’s.

A German lady owned the doll for many years, when she passed, her spirit sometimes inhabits the doll. The lady was a great cat lover, and I was told that if there was a cat in my house (I have 4) then it would be attracted to the doll. I must admit, I was very skeptical, however, from the moment the doll entered my house my cats made a beeline for it and will often curl up on it’s lap and sleep.

I have done quite a few recordings and asked ‘Irma’ questions, and to my surprise have had some very good responses. I have included some of my evp’s here for you to listen to.

“thank you”

“it is domenic”

” it is kitler”

“its very german”

“my creature”

“she so beautiful”

I would point out that one of my cats is called Dodi, my latest cat, a rescue, is called Kitler. I also ask if Irma is aware of the gentleman’s name that I was speaking to (this was my colleague, Domenic), I found the results to be pretty amazing, I only hope that you can hear them.

As Domenic lives some 300 miles away from me we contact each other most nights via Skype to compare evp captures. During one of our sessions we were again recording with Irma when I remarked that I was freezing cold all down one side of my body, I was just looking down at my arm and pulling up my sleeve as I had goosebumps when Domenic said he could see colors swirling around me so he took a snapshot with Skype. On the photo, we can see what appears to be a woman sat behind me (I was sitting on the floor with my back to the sofa) she is sitting on the sofa beside Irma the doll. The lady appears to be wearing a black coat with a black hat with a band around it. I can’t make out her features but the face appears to have a flesh tone. Unfortunately, I do not know anything about photography so I could not enhance the photo at all though my colleague has pixelated my face for anonymity.

When I record, I normally use a Sony B300 then download my recordings to Wavepad. I only use 3 functions on the editing programme, speed change, amplify and sometimes de-hiss if required. On occasion I have class ‘A’ captures that I do not have to do anything with, I would be happy to post some of these if anyone is interested in hearing them.


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Sorg Opera House Tour

After the Paranormal Alliance Network meeting, on Friday, April 22nd, I had the opportunity to tour the Sorg Opera House with Dave Jones and other Paravizionz team members as well as some folks from the Kettering Paranormal Society.  There were several workmen in the theater that evening so there was a relatively high level of background noise.

Even with all the background noise I attempted some EVP sessions in some of the quieter areas of the theater.  After analysis of EVP recordings and photographs it appears that we captured an EVP and what may be orb activity in the corner of the basement near the power panels.  This particular area of the basement has exhibited documented paranormal activity in previous investigations.

The EVP was quite clear and it seems to be saying the name “Zack”. At the beginning of the recording  you can hear some unusual popping sounds and then the EVP.  Throughout the rest of the recording no other EVP voice were detected.

EVP filtered Basement EVP[bpf-nr] Enhanced

EVP raw Basement EVP [raw]

I am no expert on orbs.  However, I have included the photos in the post and will allow you to draw your own conclusions.  The following photos were adjusted to bring out the details in the shadows.  Each of the six orbs is numbered.  Orbs two through six are probably dust particles.  However, the most interesting anomaly is orb number 1 that seems to be appearing just above the left seat in the back row. This orb is quite different than the others and appears to have a range of colors.

The following photo is an enlargement of orb 1 from the above photo.  This orb appears to have a very dark center, a luminous or reflective main body and a reddish aura on the periphery.

The following photo was taken less than 2 minutes later from a different angle.  Notice that the number 1 orb is larger and is now approximately a foot above the back of the seats.  The other orbs present in the first photo are not visible in the following photo.

The following photo is an enlargement of the orb from the above photo.

Several other photos were taken in other areas of the basement, and we detect no orbs in any of the other photos.  Is this unusual orb in the preceding photos the result of paranormal activity?  What is your opinion?


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EVP Audio Properties Part 2

Transform EVP

The majority of EVP captured with audio recorders are Transform type EVP, where the EVP is manifested by the entity transforming available audio-frequency noise to imitate a voice.  Based on what we have learned so far.  It appears that some amount noise energy must be available in order for entities to communicate with transform type EVP.  To some extent, based on findings, it also appears that the broader the frequency spectrum of the available sound energy the better the quality of the EVP.  In other words, the source of audio noise is not a factor for EVP, so long as the frequency spectrum of the audio energy is suitable for voice formation.  This also confirms much of the findings on the characteristics of EVP presented in Association TransCommunication EVP White Paper.  The question remains, how do the spiritual entities transform energy in our plane of existence?

Based on findings to date it appears that spiritual entities are not able to project or create normal energy as we know it into our plane of existence.  However, there seems to be credible evidence that they can certainly affect energy that already exists in our plane, such as sound energy (EVP), electromagnetic energy (orbs and apparitions), and possibly kinetic energy (moving objects, touching people, and poltergeist activity).

Could psychic energy be the fundamental force behind paranormal activity?  Telekinesis (TK) or the more popular term Psychokinesis (PK) is the ability to move things or, affect the property of things with the power of the mind, mind over matter.  Of human psychic abilities, true Psychokinesis is very rare. Few individuals have been able to demonstrate this ability, and even those that have are very much contested by skeptics. Perhaps our natural PK abilities are hinder by the fact that our spirits are entangled in our physical bodies.

What about spiritual entities and their psychic abilities.  With increasing amounts of all forms of paranormal activity evidence being gathered, perhaps spiritual entities have a much greater range of psychic energy and abilities, since they are not encumbered by a physical body.  However, this still does not answer the fundamental question as to how entities can transform sound energy into EVP voices.

Let us assume we have a white noise generator in a room.  The frequency range or spectrum of this white noise ranges from a few Hertz to 20 kHz, providing all the frequencies necessary to create understandable speech.  Sound waves travel through the air by the mechanical action of compressing and decompressing the molecules of air.  How could an entity in the room transform this white noise into voice?  Using PK the entity could affect the material properties of the air in the room, thereby modifying the sound waves traveling through it.  The following are a few possibilities of how this could be accomplished:


  1. Modulating or changing the air density at a voice frequency near a voice recorder.
  2. Selectively dampening certain frequencies while leaving voice frequencies unaffected.
  3. Selectively absorbing and/or shifting frequencies.

Of course the ways mentioned above are purely speculation, but none the less a distinct possibility.  There is another interesting property of EVP.  When the entities are transforming the noise into speech, it appears to be a highly localized phenomenon in close proximity to the recorder.  With multiple voice recorders active in a room, only one recorder may capture an EVP.  Additionally if more than one noise source is available in the room, another recorder may capture an EVP from a different entity transforming the second noise source.

Disembodied Voices

Another paranormal voice phenomena related to EVP is disembodied voices.  Usually these voices are heard normally, but can also be captured with video and voice recorders.  Unlike true EVP, the sound level of disembodied voices by comparison can be quite loud, and at a volume level well above ambient background noise.  So, how can a spiritual entity, without any physical form produce a disembodied voice?  It is a distinct possibility that PK may be a major factor in the manifestation of a disembodied voice.

All of you video gamers and audiophiles out there are no doubt familiar with a device called a Sound Exciter or shaker that can be attached to a solid object turning it into a speaker.  Could the spiritual entities be using their PK ability to cause an object or surface to vibrate at voice frequencies creating the disembodied voice? This could be a plausible explanation for this phenomenon.

This concludes the discussion of EVP Audio Properties.  Of course there are still many questions left unanswered. However, as more and more paranormal evidence is gathered and researched we will eventually find answers too many of the questions and discover the true nature of the entities responsible for the paranormal activity that we encounter.


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EVP Audio Properties Part 1

Properties of Sound

In order to understand Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) manifestation it is necessary to know about the properties of sound.  The sounds that we hear are due to sound pressure waves coming toward us at 768 mph.  Sound pressure is defined as the force of sound waves on a surface area oriented perpendicular to the direction of the sound.  In the case of human hearing, this would be the sound pressure waves striking the eardrum, with the middle ear transferring the mechanical energy to the inner ear providing an electrical signal to the brain.  In the case of a microphone, the sound pressure waves would strike the pressure sensitive element in the microphone creating an electrical signal that is applied to the electronics in the sound recorder.

Sound pressure can be measured by three quantities. The first is dB Sound Pressure Level (dBSPL), the second is force in Newtons per square meter (N/M2), and the third is Sound Intensity in Watts per square meter (W/m2).  The Watts per square meter quantity is important since it indicates the amount of power or energy of a sound wave.  The threshold of hearing for an average human is approximately 0 dBSPL or 0.000000000001 W/m2.  In other words, a sound wave must exceed 0 dBSPL to provide enough energy to move the eardrum so you will hear the sound.  Microphones however, are much more sensitive than the human ear and can detect sound far below the threshold of human hearing.

The dB level of conversational speech at a distance of one meter from the source is approximately 60 dB.  How does this relate to the sound pressure level of EVP?  During an EVP session, we can assume the investigator will be talking at the normal conversation level of about 60 dB. If the investigation is taking place in a residential house we may again assume the background noise will be between 20 to 30 dB, about the same level as a quiet bedroom at night. After examining a number of EVP captures, it appears that the typical EVP is on average 6 dB or less above the ambient noise level.  This finding is represented in the examples presented below. What is interesting, regardless of the ambient noise level, the EVP is still only 6 dB or less above the ambient noise.

EVP Characteristics Analysis

The EVP examples presented below were processed as follows.  All were amplified, voice band pass filtered, and subjected to noise reduction processing.  Analysis of these three EVP recordings tends to demonstrate that there is some variation in the way EVP voices are manifested. The first EVP is somewhat hard to understand and it sounds as if the entity is supplying very little actual voice frequencies, but may actually be varying the intensity, or modulating the available background noise to mimic speech.  In this EVP it is difficult to hear speech inflections or determine gender.

EVP captured by PAR

EVP 1 Mp3 get out[a-bpf-nr]

Transcript: “… get out …”

Frequency Analysis

In this second example there is still an element of the background noise present in the voice, but the voice is much clearer with some possible indication of gender.

EVP captured by Paravizionz

EVP 2 Mp3 Icantfeelsara(a-bpf-nr)

Transcript: “… I can’t feel Sarah …”

Frequency Analysis

In the third example, the EVP appears to be manifested somewhat differently.  There is still background noise present, but it appears to overlay the voice rather than being a part of it.  The voice is much more distinctive and sounds like a very young female.

EVP captured by Paravizionz

EVP 3 Mp3 helpme[a-fbpf-nr]

Transcript: “… help me …”

Frequency Analysis

The preceding examples represent the extreme ends and the middle of the general types and quality of EVP voices. This variation presents some difficult challenges when performing audio processing to enhance a recorded EVP.  Especially since the frequency range of the human voice (including male, female, and children) is 200 Hz to 7000 Hz and falls in the middle of the background noise frequency spectrum that can range anywhere from 10 Hz or less up to 20,000 Hz.

Further analysis of the three EVP recordings in the raw state (no post processing) revealed the interesting characteristic mentioned above.  In all three recordings the peak amplitude of the actual EVP was on average was less than 6 dB above the peak amplitude of the background noise.

Recording EVP


Just about any good quality digital voice recorder may be used to capture EVP voices.  A successful EVP session has more to do with technique than equipment specs.  For example, the Sony ICD-PX820 has a microphone sensitivity adjustment and a frequency response range of 75 – 20,000 Hz. This is certainly enough range to cover the human voice and noise spectrum range.

A feature that is not usually mentioned, but is present in all audio recording devices is automatic gain control (AGC).  Its function is to control the gain of the amplifiers receiving the audio signal from the microphone.  This feature is particularly important for a portable digital voice recorder were the user may be dictating directly into the microphone or where it may be used to record voices at a distance.  When the user is dictating close to the microphone, the AGC reduces the gain to prevent clipping and distortion of the audio signal. If the sound is far away the AGC allows maximum gain to boost the level of the audio signal being recorded.

When attempting to capture EVP it is important to understand how the AGC responds to sound levels.  When a loud sound occurs, the AGC responds quickly to reduce the gain to preserve the audio quality.  However, if the loud sound is no longer present, the AGC will slowly begin increasing the gain to maximum sensitivity.  Why is AGC response time important when attempting to capture EVP?  Due to the very low sound pressure level of EVP, capturing EVP requires maximum microphone sensitivity.  It is important to remember any loud sound during an EVP session will temporarily reduce the microphone sensitivity.

The following simple suggestions for basic in the field audio recording will help in maintaining maximum microphone sensitivity, minimize audio contamination, and increase the probability of capturing a good EVP.

1.    Do not hold the recorder or microphone.  The microphone/recorder will perceive any handling noise as a loud sound and the AGC will be triggered and reduce the microphone sensitivity.  Handling may also contaminate any EVP captures.

2.    Point the microphone/recorder away from you or place it in another part of the room to prevent the loudness of your voice from triggering the AGC to reduce microphone sensitivity.

3.    Place yourself in the power position within the room.  In this position your back is in a corner or against a wall so that no activity occurs behind you.  In this position you should be able to see all entrances to the room and any paranormal activity that may occur.

4.    If possible limit the number of investigator to no more that two in a given room or location.  This will minimize noise contamination, or at least make it easier to account for unintended noises.  Ambient background noise is not detrimental, and may actually be beneficial to EVP.

Supported Findings


The findings in the analysis of the preceding EVP captures indicate that they are transform type EVP, where the communicating entities are transforming available background audio frequency noise to simulate the human voices being recorded.  This opportunistic use of sound energy by the entities often creates an unnatural arrangement of frequencies different from those that are usually formed by normal human speech.  The differences in the frequency spectrum of the background noise in each location of the EVP session may account for the differences in the voices demonstrated in the three EVP examples presented above.


If spiritual entities are able to transform sound energy to simulate the human voice, are they also capable of transforming other forms of energy into apparitions, movement of objects, touching of investigators, or other forms of paranormal activity?  We will continue this discussion in part two, where we will attempt to propose some theories as to how entities are able to affect our reality.

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